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Cornerstone Card Spotlight: Endorphin

Spring has arrived, which means it’s the perfect time to kick your workout routine into high gear! Maybe you want to try a spinning class, give weightlifting a go, work on perfecting your chaturanga, or just become part of a fitness community that can keep you motivated and accountable.

Whatever your goals, Endorphin is there to help you achieve them! This Denver-based fitness studio is all about the natural high that comes with a great workout.

Endorphin Denver

Endorphin is offering Cornerstone residents 20% off any monthly membership with the code “CS20”. With multiple locations across the city, finding a studio that fits into your schedule and routine is as easy as can be!

Check out Endorphin on social media:

Instagram: @endorphindenver

Twitter: @myendocommunity

Facebook: /myendocommunity


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